Privacy Policy


This section basically outlines and explains on how i8.Live is collecting, using and handling your personal data on its platform; subsequently ensures all data circulations and usages adhere to a full compliance of i8.Live’s strict Privacy Policy that is under a highly secured and fully encrypted environment.

i8.Live therefore requires you to read through and understand the details of the below Privacy Policy carefully on how i8.Live uses and handles your personal data. By using or registering on i8.Live, you are deemed to have agreed and accepted the terms and conditions as outlined in this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to accept and be bound by this Privacy Policy or any amendment thereto, kindly discontinue using the platform immediately.

i8.Live reserves the right, at any time, to make amendment to this Privacy Policy and it shall take into effect immediately when the contents are officially published on its platform.

Data Collections

i8.Live collects, store and maintain your up to date personal data, to enable us to identify your identity accurately and safeguard us from any potential possibility of identity replication in the platform. Thus, this allows i8.Live to correspond confidently with the correct and genuine customer at all times.

The data that i8.Live collects may include, but is not limited to:


  1. Your name, email address, phone number, date of birth and any other possible mandatory or optional details as may be required for new account registration;

  2. Information related your bank accounts as may be required for the processing of withdrawal request on the available game credits in i8.Live’s wallet;

  3. Records and histories of your gameplay activities on i8.Live as may be required for transaction reconciliations;

  4. Records of your correspondences with i8.Live’s Customer Service Representatives via any possible communication channels such as phone, emails, live chats, social media, etc. These records may also be used by i8.Live; being compiled, analyzed and studied into various analytics and trends, later to be used as a constructive reference for i8.Live continuous business process improvement effort;

  5. Any data you may provide while registering or participating on any marketing promotion or event that is organized and administered under i8.Live;

  6. Records and histories of your referral profiles settings and assignments of downlines on i8.Live, as may be required processing of commission payouts;

  7. Ad-hoc request of any other possible and sensible personal or supporting data to facilitate i8.Live’s verification effort, as may be required for its compliance initiatives.


Use of Your Personal Data

By using or registering on i8.Live, you are deemed to have acknowledged and given i8.Live your consent to use and process your personal data, as maybe deemed sensitive, for any administration of transactions that are related to your i8.Live’s account. Your personal data may be used by i8.Live internally or may be sent to a third party company or vendor that processes it on behalf of i8.Live.

Data Security & Confidentiality

The confidentiality of customers’ data is the utmost priority. i8.Live commits and provides high assurances that your information remains safe with us. We have invested into the latest Firewall technologies available to date to ensure the delivery of our security commitment. All data transfer processing and storage in our server undergoes a series of high-tech encryption technologies in order to protect your data from being misused and/or lost.

With the securities of all technologies via the internet is never completely secure and might still expose to some level of risk of being hacked, i8.Live cannot pledge or guarantee the security of any information that you have provided to i8.Live during the use of our platform. Therefore, by using or registering on i8.Live, you are deemed to have understand the possible security implications that may arise while using the internet and agree that i8.Live accept no liability from you for any potential losses and damages in result of such occasion.

i8.Live shall keep and hold your personal data in our platform for as long as your account remains active, while you continue using the services in the platform. Should your account remains idle for a period of more than twelve (12) month, i8.Live reserves its absolute the rights to deactivate your account temporarily or permanently if necessary and subsequently remove your data in the event the purpose of use has been met.


A cookie is a piece of data from a website that is stored within a web browser, in which the website can retrieve at a later time. Cookies are used to tell the server that users have returned to a particular website, hence i8.Live is using it to keep track on the browsing patterns of its customer. This subsequently allows i8.Live to understand its customers’ behavior and preference better while they are accessing to the platform. The collected data is translated into effective analytics for i8.Live’s reference so that we are able to improve our service from time to time for better user experience, as a part of our continuous improvement strategies.

Therefore, by using or registering on i8.Live, you are deemed to have noted that your personal data maybe collected and stored in i8.Live via Cookies (only when you have accepted feature). You are not obligated to accept cookies from i8.Live and you can always opt to decline or disable the cookie feature. Without the consent of such, i8.Live may not be able to collect certain data of yours and may not be able to provide you with some or all of our services that are normally available in i8.Live.

Marketing & Promotion Activities

While having an active account with i8.Live, you may receive marketing and promotion communications from us. i8.Live does engage third party vendors, who are also our business counterparts to assist in these marketing and promotion campaigns, thus i8.Live may share your personal data to them. Our business counterparts are fully committed to strictly adhere and comply to i8.Live data privacy and security policy.

Should you wish to opt out from these activities, kindly contact our Customer Service Representative of i8.Live via the website’s or platform’s Live Chat section.


i8.Live reserves its absolute rights to publish news and promotional materials related to any of your wins and/or prizes received, on its platform or any other social media websites that are related to i8.Live. Such publish contents shall not be limited to your account names, the winning amount and any other possible related information that can be associated to the promotional campaign for further creating marketing awareness on i8.Live’s brand name.

Comments & Concerns

For any queries, comments or feedbacks about this Privacy Policy, kindly contact our Customer Service Representative of i8.Live via the website’s or platform’s Live Chat section.